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Forestdale was originally called Browns Plains and in the early to mid eighties was developed by Peter Kurts Developers into an area which would retain it's rural feeling while having the benefits of living in the suburbs. Forestdale's name was arrived at after an internal competition run among the staff Peter Kurts. Many suggestions  were made including Acacia Forest. But it was decided that as the area was a thick green leafy area and was a forest, and that something more appropriate would be needed. Forestdale was named for this reason. As you can imagine Acacia Forest would not have been appropriate as Acacias do not grow in forests.
Because Robin Hood lived in the forest it was decided to go with the  forest theme. It was said three names per street had to be put to Council before they approved the current names. The Streets were named after Robin Hood and his Merry Men, hence the names, Robin Court, Hood Court, Abbey Street, Lincoln Green etc. and the rest is history. The Foresters were the outlaws who lived in the Greenwood with Robin Hood.

Greenwood Lakes was named by Lynne Clarke, Logan City Councillor, in 2003 she chose the name that was in keeping with this. She had checked into where Robin Hood lived and was told Robin lived in Sherwood Forest which was in the Greenwood. Council agreed to the name change and it went off to the Department of Natural Resources for approval. It was granted. The Official opening for Greenwood lakes was held on 25 July 2004.

Greenwood Lakes

Johnson Road 1930s



How good would it be to buy at those prices now!!
Old Forestdale Chase brochure with land prices

Original Peter Kurts 1982 Forestdale Sales Brochure (1.6 Mbyte)

Forestdale Area 1922   Forestdale Area 1930    Forestdale Area 1947   Forestdale Area 1982

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